Last night was the premiere of the Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess. I got there at either noon or one, and met everyone. Let me tell you, Arashians are the nicest people you will ever meet. It wasn’t awkward at all, and I’m shy (teehee!!). I loved everyone I met. It was great.

So we waited in line for hours upon hours, while we sang along to Arashi songs and some acted things out. The girls behind us seemed really pissed off. It was sort of like, lighten up! You’ll get in. Don’t worry about it. But whatever, I’d probably be pissed too.

At 4:30, the press started showing up. Me, Nicole, Katy, and Destini got interviewed a lot. The reporters were really nice, too. Having a camera in my face was sort of scary, though! I mean, I was standing in the sun for a long time! But anyway, they asked us how we got into Arashi, and why we like them. Things like that. It was great.

Then they let us in the theater, and everyone screamed when Jun came in. It was amazing. I didn’t think I’d scream, but I did. And I swear he saw me, but I bet everyone thought that, right? I know he definitely saw Destini and Liz, because Liz gave him the flowers and Destini yelled, “Jun! Bring Arashi to America,” and he looked right at her, nodded, and waved. It was amazing!

The press conference was kinda short, but still appreciated. He spoke in English when he first came in. He was so good at it, too! I felt really proud of him. Later in the press conference, he said, “I’m shy” in English, and everyone just about died. SO KAWAII!

The reception was fun. We talked to the reporters again, ate some food, and left. My mom and stepfather were in the parkinglot where his limo was, apparently.

So I have a friend in Japan, and I asked him to keep an eye out for US Arashi fans on TV or in articles, and asked him to scan them if he sees them.

Anyway, I was really really happy to meet everyone, and I hope we can do it again soon!

PS- THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! I loved the ending. So good.


I guess the no picture thing isn’t too bad. I mean, isn’t that why Vegas was kinda iffy? (Or was it? I have no idea.)

Basically all I have to say today is…


PS- Jun’s Pepsi commercial is so great! He’s so beautiful…

I just got an email reminding me of the premiere on the 27th (as if I could forget). To my horror, the email said that cameras (and camera phones) were not allowed, and if you’re found with one you’ll be thrown out. Why didn’t I think of this before? WHY? This small detail makes me feel like the whole thing will go forgotten. I don’t want to forget. I want to remember that day forever.
Hopefully a fellow Arashian will skillfully risk bringing one, not that I want them to risk getting kicked out. 




I’m overreacting. All I need are the memories, right?

TAKE ME TO YOUR RIIDA! Please?? I think he’s swell and like him loads… 


Oh-chan owns 1/5 of my soul.

Apparently there is going to be an Arashi fangirl meet up sort of thing at the Last Princess (organized by the fans themselves). They’re going to start showing up at around nine in the morning! I probably wont even be awake by then… But maybe I will go then, too… I mean, if I can’t get a seat when I reserved one, I’ll be majorly pissed.
Anyway, so I’m really excited to meet Arashi fangirls!! I need friends who are as obsessed with them as I am.
Unfortunately, I’m too young to go by myself to LA. My mom and stepfather will be there too. They probably wont let me wander or hang out with other fans by myself, because LA is sort of dangerous. Then again, maybe they will leave me be. I’m not too young, or too stupid, and I’ve proven myself trustworthy. We’ll see.
Eight days<3

Totally kawaii!
and the song is awesome, too! Girlfriend half in Japanese. Sweeeeeet.

Oh… I knew I loved you the moment I watched that one anime movie about time travel on you, and when Nikooru-chan couldn’t find Gokusen on, so I told her to check you out. And now… now you’ve just proved your love for me! Thank you for providing me with my Arashi needs. I seriously get all teared up whenever I hear one of their songs now. It makes me mega happy.

Monday mornings are completely horrible. HORRIBLE. Sleepy Anjera… Nikooru-chan is sitting here with me in Expository Composition (a class I shouldn’t be in because I’m a junior in high school and am taking AP Language and Composition), and we’re talking about Mormonism vs Christianity, similarities and differences and the like.
I go to a Christian school. We do this kind of thing sometimes. But sometimes it just turns into bashing the other religion and praising ours. It’s sort of ridiculous. I want to learn about other religions without a bias. That seems impossible, but… I don’t know, that’s what I want to do. Maybe I’ll have to do it on my own.
Not  that I’m looking for a new religion or anything. ‘Cause I’m not. I like mine loads.

Class ends in four minutes.


(I kept writing “languages” when I meant to write “religions” >.<)

Hana Kimi is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The end of the season made me cry so much! I felt like a big baby! I never cry when I watch things, but I loved all the characters and the school and… well, everything about the show! If you haven’t watched it, I suggest that you do (you can watch it on
After watching that show, I figured I’d watch another show with Maki Horikita in it (she played the main character in Hana Kimi). I found Nobuta wo Produce, and I really like it so far.
Yay for lovely doramas!

I bought a $12 “iSpeak Japanese” thing. It can go on my ipod, it says, but I can’t even save it to my iTunes. And the disk makes my computer go crazy. At least it came with a book, so I can just look at that and practice without the disk.

My friends seem kind of annoyed at this Japanese obsession thing. They’re always trying to put down my desire to visit Japan or even learn the language (“When will you ever use it?” they ask. My answer: “When I wanna say something horrible about you, of course.”) It’s kind of horrible, really, because friends shouldn’t be like that. They should be supportive, even if I dump obsessions after about three weeks (the Japan obsession is approaching its third week, and it isn’t going anywhere!). I mean, I’m supportive of their obsessions, so why not return the favor?
People piss me off…

I’ve only just recently started watching Japanese dramas. It started with Hana Yori Dango (which lead to the Jun-baiting of moi into loooooooving Arashi), then other MatsuJun shows.
Kimi wa Petto is amazing. The concept was a little weird, but I absolutely loved it (MatsuJun as Momo was so kawaii<3).
Then I started watching Bambino!. I haven’t finished that one yet because it’s really stressful. I’ll finish it one day, but right now I’m sort of swamped with school.
Then again, I did find time to start watching a new one today… Hana Kimi. The guy who plays Rui from Hana Yori Dango is in it. It’s great. And the show is filled with eye candy! I love it already.

20 days until I go to the premiere of the Last Princess. I’m so excited. I’ll probably die when I get there. But I’ve made a promise to myself: I will NOT scream/glomp MatsuJun. I may want to, but I will resist the urge.